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camille wiesel 

  1. Utopias 2019 -now
  2. Chien Market 2020
  3. Homo Faber Inutilem 2018
  4. Titan & Europe 2017
  5. Balise: roaming furniture 2017
  6. An essential oil diffuser 2017
  7. Compostable planting 2016

🛰️Diploma— 2018
  1. Thesis (in french)
  2. Habitat
  3. Furniture
  4. Clothing

  1. Research designer into textile, illustration and speculative design. I’m part of the Critiqual Inquiry Lab at the Design Academy since september 2020. 


ENSAAMA - 2015  duo with Nathan Parou
Pou-riz (rotten/rice), compostable planting

Research for hybrid and compostable materials                        

Plant pots made of composite material of paper fibres and ground rice. These pots are the products of experience around the material and in particular with biodegradable and compostable vocation.

The plant can be planted in the pot, then when the pot has grown too big to contain it, it is placed directly in the soil: the decomposition of the pot allows essential nutrients to be supplied to the plant.


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