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  1. Utopias 2019 -now
  2. Chien Market 2020
  3. Homo Faber Inutilem 2018
  4. Titan & Europe 2017
  5. Balise: roaming furniture 2017
  6. An essential oil diffuser 2017
  7. Compostable planting 2016

🛰️Diploma— 2018
  1. Thesis (in french)
  2. Habitat
  3. Furniture
  4. Clothing

  1. Research designer into textile, illustration and speculative design. I’m part of the Critiqual Inquiry Lab at the Design Academy since september 2020. 


ENSAAMA - 2018
Diploma project / Inhabitate the space

Design in micro-gravity

My interest went about relaxation, rest and sleep. Because those are not activities that were studied in the existence of spatial objects or only to answer to a physiological need.

During my researches, I based myself upon the ultimate relaxation position which is a notion developed by Story Musgrave, American astronaut and artist, who talked about his own experience with weightlessness and particularly about the inherent positions only possible in this status. The ultimate relaxation position is only possible when all muscles are completely relaxed and no exterior force applied on the body. In this situation, one does not feel his own body in surrounding space anymore.
Therefore, it was my starting point: position and practice. When to use this daytime relaxation device? To still employ terrestrial vocabulary: this device is the synonym of the sofa.
That is to say a solo relaxation surface but also a communication and human interactions device.

01. night relaxation device


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