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camille wiesel 

  1. Utopias 2019 -now
  2. Chien Market 2020
  3. Homo Faber Inutilem 2018
  4. Titan & Europe 2017
  5. Balise: roaming furniture 2017
  6. An essential oil diffuser 2017
  7. Compostable planting 2016

🛰️Diploma— 2018
  1. Thesis (in french)
  2. Habitat
  3. Furniture
  4. Clothing

  1. Research designer into textile, illustration and speculative design. I’m part of the Critiqual Inquiry Lab at the Design Academy since september 2020. 


ENSAAMA - 2018
Diploma project / Inhabit the space  

Imagining the scenario of a future life in space

My project is based upon the emergence of spatial tourism and its resulting issues. Men live in space since decades now, and the idea to make non-professional benefit of this experience tends to generalise. It is less and less an utopia to visualise a neophyte in this environment. Thus there will be novices in situations of weightlessness. Products I work on will help tourists to adapt this new body status. My work is all about the loss of weight of the body, and its interactions with the environment and the items surrounding.

My interest went about relaxation, rest and sleep. Because those are not activities that were studied in the existence of spatial objects or only to answer to a physiological need.

Private room [more informations here]

02. Common space


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