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camille wiesel 

  1. Utopias 2019 -now
  2. Chien Market 2020
  3. Homo Faber Inutilem 2018
  4. Titan & Europe 2017
  5. Balise: roaming furniture 2017
  6. An essential oil diffuser 2017
  7. Compostable planting 2016

🛰️Diploma— 2018
  1. Thesis (in french)
  2. Habitat
  3. Furniture
  4. Clothing

  1. Research designer into textile, illustration and speculative design. I’m part of the Critiqual Inquiry Lab at the Design Academy since september 2020. 


2019 -now

How utopias influence the creative process

It’s a research work that talks about utopias, and how they influence the creation of artefacts by the questions they cause in society. How these utopias, these dreams of ways of living and ways of thinking, take shape through design in everyday life? I decided to study three utopias that enable to apprehend several levels of interactions between self and the community, and that enable to question diverse ways of living represented by the objects chosen from the corpus.

01. space utopia / autonomy by the elsewhere

By what means do we consider utopia to go over our humanity?
How the autonomy by the elsewhere enable to reconsider human (and societal) relationships through design?

01. the spatial fantasy / 02. dealing with this utopia; speculative design; relationships between imaginary — design / 03. the end of imaginations, the remains of utopia

02. the inhabited body / autarky

In an alienant context, an artificial heterotopia, how the utopia feeds the creative process in its desire to break free from the system ?

01. the utopia of mobility / 02. going beyond his role as a human beings; transhumanism / 03. the translation of utopia; absorption by society

03. a shared creation / independence

How to express yourself in standard by alternative objects, in a branch parallel to society?
How can we define the founding principles of our own utopia ?

01. oneself in relation to society / 02. transformation of ways of making / 03. insights of a possible alternative reality; social reorganization of the creator


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