Textile & Embroidery — 2022
The Critical Inquiry Lab

“[...] In the creation of this story I wanted to work by taking the figure of the oracle, as an interpreter of words that would not be mine, that are not human, that come from the machine. How I would interpret and read these words. This text comes to me, which speaks of another space, of not having one's body anymore, of being after death.
The project is a conversation. It is formed by dialogue between me and the artificial intelligences. It reveals the intrication between other-than-human intelligences and their very humain bias and beliefs. Together we build the interpretation of this prediction, with me as a translator, wanting to make these abstract words sensitive and experienceable, to give them human meaning and presence. Even though the story is generating itself continuously and I can never achieve the full interpretation, we continue on this ongoing process, repeatedly feeding and contaminating each other.
In my installation, I propose you to read the prediction that I continue to embroider as the oracle generate the story. And to explore my visual intepretation of this text that could be an afterlife, a virtual hereafter, or a glimpse of a parallel existence where ghosts, remains and second-self entities evolve.”

extract from my performative masterproof, june 2022