Design research — 2019

Plate and instrument, damaged synthetic food, 2055
Nutritive cell synthetic supplier, 2050
“During years, humans relied on artificial intelligences to improve their life quality. Exponential technologic growth gave reason to Ray Kurzweil’s timeline and February 5th 2048 gave birth to the first strong AI. This discover tragged us into a technological revolution era where humanity went from the actor to the simple spectator of its creations. Great Artificial Intelligences multiplied themselves and their calculation power never stopped growing, each one of them leading to another supra-human creation.

The development of AGI permitted the emergent of a work-free world. Human society organised itself in a leisure civilisation where the goal of men isn’t well-being through progress anymore. We can ask ourselves about the forms that take human relationships in a world in which resources are equally shared and without any social difference. By what means is the need in a leisure civilisation envisaged? How to create meaning in an ended progress world? Thereby we can ask ourselves what forms do individual goals take in a world where technological development and societal question resolution are no longer our primary problems.“

As an answer to this perfect world conceived by super intelligences, a human alliance was created to show what represents humanity. Errors, operating defects, uselessness and poorly done aren’t they what we call the humanity of productions ?